590 – Mourning

“I know what you’re gonna say, Jo. Don’t waste your breath.”


“Do you have an answer then? Why didn’t you come to the funeral?”


“It ain’t my belief, that’s all. I don’t need all that ceremonial. And with all due respect, when you end up eaten by worms, you don’t need it either.”


“He raised you, Seth. And he’s my father.”


“I don’t get you! How can you be so impervious? You could at least have shown your face for mum’s sake.”


– So you want me to keep up appearances? Sorry, that’s not my style.

– After all they’ve both done for you, you’d think they’d deserve you to at least come and pay your respect.


“Look, I don’t give a damn what you think about me or what you expected me to do. Funerals are for those who need to say goodbye.”




Having thrown one last, stunned look at his cousin, Johan turned around and left without another word.


– Hey, you sure it’s okay? I think you’ve offended him.

– Never mind. He needs to find a culprit.

– I can’t say I particularly like my father or anything, but if he croaked, even I would go to the funeral.

– Mourning is done for me.


“The dead never come back.”



4 thoughts on “590 – Mourning

  1. That must have been a very complicated relationship Seth had with Johan’s father. It’s sad for Johan that he didn’t get the moral support he wanted from Seth, but at the same time I can understand Seth’s reasoning, there is one family member whose funeral I didn’t attend. It was a complicated relationship…That closing shot. It took my breath away! Beautiful!

    • Seth is a complicated man, most of all because he doesn’t express his feelings. You just have to interpret his words and attitude by yourself. He actually loved his uncle. He’s lost his parents at a young age (both were violent deaths) and always had identity issues and trouble fitting in the nice Blake family. Martin has truly been a guide for him. However, he does believe in moving on, because that’s what he’s done all his life. Hence his last statement.

  2. I was thinking that he didn’t want to say goodbye since he said that going to one was for people who needed to say goodbye. Seth is not as bad as he thinks or tries to be it seems. He really has a heart, it just needs the steel cage removed from it.

    • I don’t even know if he wants the steel cage removed at all. He’s a bit gruff and doesn’t show much emotions, but he does have feelings. It’s just that he doesn’t really care whether people see it or not.

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