592 – Tailing Update

– Sorry again about last time. Wouldn’t have suspected that of you.

– If you mention it one more time, I swear I’m going to shoot you right here and now.


– I’d better be careful then.

– Especially now that you’re a father. Anyway, how is the tailing going? Is the girl still investigating?


– Not much since you’ve made those calls. Looks like she’s too busy to stick her nose in that business now.

– Keeping her busy with new matters was the objective.


– I know you have other jobs to do, but I’d like to keep an eye on her a while longer. Have the places I pointed out under surveillance, and let me know immediately if she ever turns up.

– Okay.


– I’d be easier to just scare her away though.

– We’re not doing that with her.

– But I don’t think your tricks will deter her for long.


“Obstinate, isn’t she?…”


– All the more a reason to keep a close watch on her doings. Do as I say and call me straightaway if you notice anything suspicious.

– But don’t you know her? Can’t you just meet with her and ask her not to meddle?


“I can’t meet her. But I’ll do it if things come to worst.”


“Risa… you have no idea how much your intervention is ill-timed. Why don’t you just give up?”



2 thoughts on “592 – Tailing Update

  1. I think Nate staying away from Risa is a good idea, a part of me wants him to meet with her, but with the sparks between them, and Risa’s big secret, I’m nervous for their meeting. But I have a feeling it’s inevitable.

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