593 – Sunrise on Pluto

First public concert at the Red Roof for Sunrise on Pluto (the name was Tim’s suggestion)!


With Kyle…




… and Tim!

1122511226 11227

The audience mainly consisted of teens from their school.


All of them discovered their existence for the first time.


And for some, it was obviously more than a revelation.


“Amber…? Pssst! Come, quick!”


“Please, Amber… I don’t know what to do.”


– Amber, I’m begging you! Stop drooling over that guy and stay with me!

– Oh, alright… what are you freaking out about?


– He’s here!

– Who?

– Xavier! My neighbor!

– Oh, your crush…


– Oh my God, he’s looking this way… I think he’s seen me!

– Isn’t that good? Go and talk to him.

– I would never dare…


Amber whispered “Chicken” under her breath as Xavier walked to them.

– I know you, right?

– Erm… yes. I live next door. Next door to you, I mean, not next door to here!


“I see you often on your bike. Your name is… Piper, I believe?”


– You know my name?

– Well, yes. You seem surprised.

– I have a twin sister and people always get our names wrong.


– I’m glad I had it right then. I’m Xavier, for your reference.

– Oh I know…

– You should come over someday. I’ll show you the car I’m working on.


“That… that’d be awesome!”


Love was definitely in the air. “Aunt Laura?”


– Drake hasn’t spoken to me yet…

– I know how you feel. I haven’t had my drink yet and it’s been ages since I ordered.


– Do you sometimes think about something else than alcohol?

– No, because it is my only pleasure in life.

– You’ll get an ulcer!

– Carpe diem. Now what is it about that douchebag not talking to you?


– Why are you always insulting him? You don’t even know him.

– Trust me, I have a long enough experience of douchebags to know one when I see one.


– You’re impossible. Well, if he doesn’t come, I’ll come to him.

– Yeah, do that. Live happily ever after.


– Hey Drake, your darling’s coming right up! If you don’t plan on rejecting her, why don’t you try and kiss her?

– Err…


– Hi Drake.

– Yeah, hi…

– It was a good concert, huh?

– Yeah…


“I’ll leave you two alone, you obviously have a loooot of things to say to each other. Right, Drake?”


“So erm… yeah. Why are you following me around?”


– I’m not following you around…

– Could’ve fooled me.

– Okay well… maybe I do.


“But that’s probably because I like you very much…”


“So huh… is it okay with you?”


– You’re rather cute.

– Huh?

11254 11255 11256

– Wow… what was that?

– A first kiss.

– How about a second one?

11257 11258

Meanwhile, in another corner of the bar…

– We were lame.

– Huh, I beg to differ, mate.


– Stop being such a goddamn perfectionist! Yes, we made a few mistakes, and no one noticed anything. They loved the whole show, for crying out loud!

– Mistakes are not allowed during a live session. We should have rehearsed more…

– Look, I don’t know what your issue is but…


– Sorry to interrupt…

– Yes?

– I loved your music.


“Oh, th… thanks! You were on the front row, weren’t you?”


“Yes, I was. And now I’m wondering if I could start a fan club or something?”


“But I’d need your phone number…”


– M… Mine? You don’t want the others’ too?

– (Kyle from behind) Oh never mind me.


“I’m Amber. Call me when you have other jigs, my father works as a technician for a record company. I can make sure you have a full room.”


– That’s great, thanks for the help.

– No trouble at all!


– …

– Is there something else?


“I’ll be your number one fan.”


– Xzjfnzjcvqw….

– Well, well…


– Aren’t you quite the Romeo? Geez, you’ll get all the chicks for yourself. I should’ve known better when I asked you to make a band.

– I… that was not… I didn’t…


– And that babe is super hot too. You lucky bastard…

– But really… I’m not sure she’s my type.


– Not your type? Are you friggin’ kidding me?! Are you with girls like you are with music?! That girl is a stunner.

– Yes, she’s very beautiful but… it’s just that… I’m very confused and embarrassed right now, okay?


– Boy, seriously, I’d kill to be in your shoes… what’s your type then?

– I don’t know… a girl who lives in her own world? Kind of dreamy? A bit different?

– Well, that chick certainly is. She’s on another level altogether, Mr. Fussy Pants.



5 thoughts on “593 – Sunrise on Pluto

  1. It seems Sunrise on Pluto is going to be a hit. Love the name BTW. And Amber…easy there girl, we don’t want to scare off Tim. I love how shy he is. I wonder if he’ll stay that way or if he’ll gradually come out of his shell if and when the band becomes famous.

    • There’s something behind that name, you’ll see it in a later update. 😀 There’s also actually a real band called “Sunrise on Neptune”. Choosing Pluto instead was no coincidence.
      Tim is very shy, isn’t he? 🙂 That family has always been a good one, they’re humble, honest and sincere. So I have good hopes for him!

  2. I rather liked Laura’s attitude there *LOL*
    Tim is really crushing on a dreamy girl?? Could it be the little witch in training?
    That girl from the audience was definitely very forward.

    • Grumpy Laura is right somehow. 🙂 Candice should listen to her.
      Tim has a certain someone in mind, yes! 😀 That’s very astute of you!
      And Amber… she’s a bit extreme and she wants Tim for her.

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