596 – Moments – An Evening in Anne Arbor

Author’s note: The below pictures were taken for the Small Simblr Workshop Photo Challenge (see my Tumblr Projects section). I used the Challenge to conveniently advance some of the plots.

Belinda and Josh enjoy the last rays of sunshine at the beach.

Screenshot-17916a Screenshot-17917a Screenshot-17919a Screenshot-17920a

Nathaniel and Ivy share one of those moments that have lately become scarce.

Screenshot-17860a Screenshot-17861a

Risa gets so absorbed in her book she doesn’t see the sun go down.

Screenshot-17871a Screenshot-17872a

The Duvals have moved to a bigger lot.

Screenshot-17874a Screenshot-17873a

Fall will soon settle in. Oscar and Sacha have begun to make leaves piles.

Screenshot-17921a Screenshot-17922a Screenshot-17923a

While Evelyne plays old child tricks on poor José Luis.

Screenshot-17906a Screenshot-17907a

Amina is now pregnant. And Zach seems to be cool with it.


Screenshot-17897a Screenshot-17896a

Carmen and Daisy are getting ready for their first night out since they had a baby.



Xavier and Piper are now dating.

Screenshot-17825a Screenshot-17828a






4 thoughts on “596 – Moments – An Evening in Anne Arbor

    • Here I admit I have a strong preference for the one with Nate and Ivy. Not that it’s a particularly great shot but because of the tenderness between them.

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