600 – Insomnia



  1. Man, this update made me sad. I knew Risa loved Nate, but I didn’t realize how deep those feelings are. She’s right, she’ll never be able to forget him, or even get over him I think considering their son is a constant reminder of what could have been between them. That said, she can’t keep avoiding being intimate with Julian forever, sooner or later she’ll have to make a decision, however painful it will be to everyone.


    1. Risa and Nate’s problem is that there will always be a bond between them. They shared their innocence, and they also now have a child together, although Nate doesn’t know it. You know, I’m really torn about those two because I ship them so bad and yet I can’t see them together, they’re too different. We’ll see where the wind takes them, hehe.


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