606 – Fever


This chapter is not needed for the general comprehension of the story. You can skip ahead if you are uncomfortable with explicit sexual content.

Risa’s clothes had slipped to the ground and she was staring ingenously into his eyes as if daring him to go further.


Her hands slowly reached out for the buttons of his shirt.


Nathaniel’s jacket had fallen with a slight thud. She remembered for a brief moment that he carried a gun with him. But it didn’t matter to her anymore. He had taken off his shirt and their skins were finally touching.


He suddenly stepped behind her, encircling her with his arms, stroking her belly. As his hips rubbed against her buttocks, she felt his arousal.


She let out a sigh of pleasure as his hands traveled south, slipping beneath the edge of her panties and stroking the region.


He continued to tease her, gently pushing her hips against his crotch, and all the while tracing kisses down her neck, reveling in her scent of roses.


Getting impatient, Risa turned her head, searching for his lips, and soon found the object of her quest.


His kiss was soft but possessive. His tongue compelled hers in a gentle dance.


He finally moved to lay her down on the bed, a sparkle of desire glistening in his golden eyes.


Stroking his bare chest, she reached out to kiss him again.


She just couldn’t get enough of his kisses.


All of a sudden, he stopped and gazed at her from his position above. His attitude scared her. Maybe he was having misgivings.


“Nathaniel, what’s the matter?” She asked with a worried look.


“You’re so beautiful.” He was now staring adoringly at the vision of her and her blond locks spread around her.


Stepping across her, he abruptly grabbed her neck and locked her into a passionate kiss.


He laid her back down, never abandoning her lips in the process.


With one swift movement of his hand, he unclasped her bra and worked his way towards removing it altogether. Next out were her panties.


He yanked his pants out of the way while his tongue followed the curves of her neck.


He locked her whole body in a tight grasp. Risa gasped and unconsciously bit her knuckle as his tongue continued its journey through the valley between her breasts, briefly stopping to tease her nipples.


Her heartbeat increased the further down his tongue traveled.


A loud moan escaped her mouth as he reached his destination and set out to the task of exploring her intimacy.


Ashamed as she was, it took Risa less than a minute to reach her climax.


He patiently waited for her shivers to subside.


Getting rid of the last piece of clothing between them, he lunged forward, his hips rubbing against her warmth.


“Nathaniel…” She moaned his name. He softly shushed her.


Lifting her up, he switched to a sitting position, claiming her lips as always.


She arched her back as he entered her with his full length.


As he guided her to match his thrusts, she clawed at his back and felt her center become hotter and hotter.


As she contracted around him, she felt his member throbbing inside her and knew that he had found release as well.


“I missed you…” she managed to utter in the afterglow of their long-awaited closeness. “Missed you too” he breathed out before laying back down, dragging her with him.



4 thoughts on “606 – Fever

  1. Woohoo *fans self* This was hot!

    I like that you didn’t get very explicit with their love scene. The writing and the pictures complemented each other perfectly.

    I’m conflicted about this update. Somehow I knew their encounter would end like this, but at the same time I can’t help but feel they should have tried to practice a little more restraint. They are both married, with families. Their affair will only end up hurting a lot of people, especially their children, if it ever came to light. There’s just no easy solution to this 😦

    • *blushes* So this was my first attempt at that kind of writing. I sort of wanted to take some time to describe that scene, so that their love-making was not taken for granted.
      I know what you mean, I certainly do not want to convey the message that cheating on your partner is okay, even if it’s with someone you truly love. There will be sad consequences indeed.

  2. Oh no, what a mess…. I hope that there isn’t another pregnancy…. Poor Julian will be crushed more than he already is…. Nathaniel’s world will fall down around him…. his marriage will be in shambles…. his father may even remove Sam from the picture for special training…. he made a terrible mistake in this…. sometimes you just have to walk away, especially when there are so many innocents that will be hurt so bad.

    • That is a pretty good summary. Ivy and Nathaniel are not married, but it doesn’t really matter. The consequences are dire indeed.

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