611 – Dependence

A timid knock on his door made Nathaniel look up from his work. He had barely opened the door that a small figure silently engulfed herself in his arms. “Hey Sam… ”


– Aren’t you supposed at be studying with your tutor at this time?

– I ran away. I got a letter from mum saying that she’s gone back to her hometown.


“I see…”


– She says I can go and see her anytime. Is that true?

– Of course, love.


– You know… I think I understand. Mum always said that she was so bored.

– Yes, and I never did anything about it. I’m sorry, Sam. It’s my fault if mum has left.

– That’s okay. I like mum, but I prefer being with you.


– You won’t go and see her? She’ll be sad.

– But I will go. I told you I liked her. But you’re not the same.

– Not the same?


“Well… dad, you… you just understand things, you know? Grandpa is very clever, but he doesn’t understand. And mum doesn’t understand either because she doesn’t know grandpa very well.”




– Can I sleep in your bed with you tonight, dad?

– Sure thing. I actually wouldn’t mind a little bit of affection myself.



6 thoughts on “611 – Dependence

  1. I’ve been reading your story for a while now. And today it’s the first time I comment because i’m french and lazy (shame on me), but your story is so amazing that I had to say a huge thank you for your work. You manage to make your characters evolve and live… it’s so awesome. So thanks again for all of those great moments you wrote and shared and pleaaaaase keep doing it! ps: nathaniel is so cute with is daughter, I hope Risa will make the right decision this time.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I can’t imagine how happy it makes me to know that there are people out there who read my story and like it!
      Merci beaucoup, ça me touche énormément.

    • She wasn’t exactly close to her mother. But she’s still confused by the whole situation, seeing as she ran to her father for a hug.

  2. Sam’s a strong little girl. She seems to be taking the split better than I’d hoped. I do wonder though if her feelings towards her mother will change the longer Ivy stays away. Hopefully Ivy does stay in touch with her and doesn’t make her feel abondoned.

    • Her mother never played a big part in her life, she’s been taken away by her grandfather quite quickly. She’s also a real tomboy, and she relates more easily to a man than a woman. Especially her father because he “understands”, meaning she gets that he’s been through all this before her.

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