613 – Sun Princess


Wherever Timothy went lately, Amber followed. Even at the hangout the band was sharing with some art students.


– Hey mate. Ready for the concert?

– Coming.


– It will be packed, I’ve sent the invitation to all your followers! And a newsletter too! And a reminder on your page!

– Don’t make it sound like it’s a big event, it’s only a small watering hole. I doubt many people will show up.


– Oh, don’t be such a naysayer, I’m a very good PR! Just wait and see!

– I gotta say you’ve been pretty active lately.


“When you’re done cuddling, let me know. Ulrich’s waiting in the car.”


– So are you together in the end, yes or no?

– I have no frigging idea. I would lean towards ‘no’ but I’m afraid she doesn’t see it that way.


– Hey, it generally takes two to make a relationship. Have you even kissed?

– She kissed me. A couple of times. It wasn’t unpleasant.

– Well duh.


Sunrise on Pluto, live at the Old Boot.

11698 11699 11700 11701 11702

And on the front row of course…


… Amber to get the party started!


At the very back of the crowd, someone who had accompanied her sister for the first time to a concert, was standing on tiptoes to catch a glimpse of the musicians. “I know that guy! We went to summer camp together when we were kids! And he played with me!”


“Never mind Pippa… He has probably forgotten all about you.”


The concert was over anyway. Tim had finished singing.


That’s when he swept his gaze over the crowd.


And stopped short.


“Hey princess!”


Pippa watched dumbfounded as he jumped from the scene and made his way straight to her through the audience. “Wh… what?!”


“That’s you, right? Sun princess? Pluto warrior? Summer camp in Great Bear?”


– We… ended up eaten by aliens?

– Right! I knew it was you!


“You… you came because you like our music?”


“Well… to be honest, I was only accompanying my sister. I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about music and…”


– Did you enjoy it then? Will you be back?

– I… I don’t know. Maybe? I haven’t got much spare time.

– Really? What are you doing?


– I’m, erm… busy fighting aliens, of course. You know, the routine?

– Of course! It all makes sense now!


“I don’t know if you remember, but my name is Tim. What’s yours again?”


Pippa hesitated. “Is Sun princess okay…?”


– Tim, who is this? A friend of yours?

– Oh… yeah.

– Hi there, I’m Amber. I’m their number one fan.


Amber’s intrusion confused Pippa a great deal. Amber was the kind of self-confident girl she was uncomfortable with. The possessive way she acted towards Timothy cut her to the quick. “Hi… “


“I gotta go. Bye now.”


– You cut off right in the middle of my conversation, Amber…

– Who is she to you? Did you use to date her?


– I know her from when we were kids, okay? It’s none of your business. What’s wrong with you?

– Isn’t it obvious?


“I’m in love with you. Of course I’m going to be jealous of other girls.”



4 thoughts on “613 – Sun Princess

  1. Ugh! Amber needs to fall down a big endless hole and disappear.. Tim looked so happy! Pippa is sweet, it not a little batty. heh…. but he looked so glad to see her…. Oh Tim, tell Amber to take a long hike, far far away.

  2. Agree with Fae, Amber is a bit too much, I worry that she’s only into Tim because he’s in a band. And Tim is such a sweetheart, he deserves someone as down to earth as he is.

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