614 – The Farthest Shore

– Thank you Annabelle, you can stop here.

– Okay.


Thomas’ stroke had had unexpected consequences. He had lost the use of his legs, but he had won a faithful grand-daughter.


– You’re a dear. You should’ve stayed in bed instead of satisfying my whims.

– It’s really not much… Besides, I don’t like sleeping in.


– You know what I like about you, gramps?

– The fact that I let you smoke in front of me?

– The fact that you’re way cooler than what you look like.


– Glad to know I’m not an old fart yet.

– I wouldn’t take you to see the sunrise if you were. I’m not into charity.


– Since it’s confession time, I have a question for you.

– Shoot.

– Where did you get that scar?

– You wanna hear about that? It’s a stupid story, really.

– If it’s so stupid, why do you go berserk on your father for asking?


“When I was five years old, I got into my head that I would go looking for my father. I don’t know why, I was convinced he was on the other side of the forest. So there I went, with an apple in my backpack in case I’d go hungry.”


“I walked for what seemed like hours and it got dark. I was dead scared so I began to run at some point. I couldn’t see anything, so of course I fell in some kind of hollow and branches scratched at me. When the rangers found me, I was unconscious.”


– That’s all. Told it was stupid.

– You really are my grand-daughter.

– Why?

– You too are way cooler than what you look like.


Thomas would still go and see a few sunrises by himself.


But his last sunrise would be soon after that conversation.

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4 thoughts on “614 – The Farthest Shore

    • Yes, this was really a heartbreaking scene to write… Thomas was one of my favorite Sims, and I literally saw him grow up from a newborn to an old man.

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