619 – Inheritance

“Hey kiddo… It’s going to be okay, I promise.”


– How can it be okay? I hadn’t finished my apprenticeship, and now she’s gone… What is to become of me?

– We’re going to look into that, ok? There… there must be someone to contact in that situation, right?


– And why didn’t she tell me anything, if she knew it was going to happen?…

– Yeah, that’s… very bad of her. But you know how Martha was, there were so many things we didn’t know about her.


“Young mistress, Sir… I sincerely deplore this terrible loss and I share your grief…”


“… but my late mistress left a letter to the attention of the Young mistress.”


– Couldn’t you say so earlier?

– Beg your pardon, Sir.


– Don’t stay there, you’ll get soaked. What does the letter say?

– She… she says she couldn’t tell me because that was part of the anti-aging spell she was under.

– Oh… Well at least, that makes sense.

– She seems to think I’m talented enough and don’t need her anymore. She leaves me her house.


– Isn’t that good? You can take over her elixir shop.

– She’s wrong. I’m not ready at all. I’m only 18, I don’t know half of the stuff I should know.


– What do you intend to do then?

– She mentions a coven in Midnight Hollow where I’m supposed to formally introduce myself as a new witch.


“I’m gonna go there and tell them I can’t do it.”


“I think you’re giving up a little bit too early, but I’ll respect your decision.”


“Midnight Hollow, huh? They’re a bunch of weirdos. Tell me if you need a bodyguard.”


– Thank you, Mr. Wolf.

– Call me Ralph.



2 thoughts on “619 – Inheritance

  1. Pippa has a good friend in Ralph. She is certainly frightened and feeling very unsure of herself. I hope when she goes to the coven she is welcomed and she somehow sees that she belongs as she is. But maybe she will decide not to, and then she can live a relatively normal life.

    • Yeah, this is again something I didn’t expect to happen. Sometimes there is just a good chemistry between some characters. 🙂 Pippa certainly needs someone at her side for the moment, she’s so young. And if that someone is a supernatural himself, that’s even better.

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