620 – All That’s Left

“Nathaniel, do you have a moment?”


– Mum?! What are you doing here?

– I was shopping around here, and I thought I’d come and see you.


– I don’t understand, I’ll see you tonight for your birthday. Couldn’t it wait?

– Well… We’re always surrounded by people, and you’re coming home so late…

– What is it? Are you apprehensive about aging?


“I didn’t ask any questions about Ivy and the reason why she left, but I meant to ask you… Are you okay, my son?”


“I’m fine. Don’t worry. I’ll see you for dinner, ok?”


Sam was looking doubtfully at the plates full of food on the table. “Isn’t all this a bit too much?”


– But it’s a party Sam! My birthday party! We must have plenty of good food!

– Of course, sorry grandma. I’m only surprised grandpa has ordered that much, I thought it was a mistake.

– Not at all, he just wanted to make sure we had enough!


Sam’s smile was slightly bitter. “I think he wanted to please you.”


The next moment, a real smile lit up her face and she uttered a cry of delight. “Dad!”


– You’re baaaack!

– Hey, big girl!


– I’ve missed you!

– I’ve missed you more, love.


– You know, I think I’ve solved the algebra question you asked me the other day.

– Really? You’ll have to show me that.


– Happy birthday, mom.

– Thank you, my boy. I’m glad you are here.


– Wow, are we going to eat all that?

– Haha, Sam said the same thing.


“Nathaniel, I will need a word with you if you please.”


– Fine. After dinner though.

– Of course.


“It’s beginning anyway.”


“Sometimes I wish aging up was more of a progression instead of that abrupt change of level…”


– You’re still looking great, mum. Do you ever really age up?

– Oh stop it, you flatterer. You’re only trying to make me feel better.


– I beg to differ, Ange. For once, I concur with our son. You look as stunning as ever.

– Theo…


“Thank you for sticking with me throughout all those years.”


“I’m glad if I made you happy, even just a little bit.”


“You did much more than that.”


“Nathaniel, when you see your father later on, please don’t start a fight with him. He only has good intentions.”


– I have a pretty good notion of what the old fox wants to discuss with me. And none of that is his business.

– You really shouldn’t alienate him. As long as he is alive, he will have his word in the family affairs. And he’s doing a lot for Sam.


“Precisely, and as far as I know, I’m her father. I can’t promise you anything, Sen.”


– Have your mother and Sam gone upstairs?

– Yes, they’re getting ready for bed.

– Good.


“Which raises the following issue: instead of her own bed, Sam seems to have taken to sleeping in yours lately. I’m trying to teach her to be independent and reasonable, and that attitude is going against my principles.”


– I believe I have enough good sense to know what is right for my daughter, thank you.

– It came to my notice that you shot a man dead to prove your point a few days ago. Who are you trying to fool, Nathaniel?


– What about you? What are you implying exactly?

– I mean that you are emotionally unstable at the moment and that you have a bad influence on those around you. You have begun to build a co-dependent relationship with Sam which can only be harmful to both of you.


– Co-dependent?! Oh right, I had forgotten you were this excellent judge of human relationships, and more particularly where family is concerned!

– Hmph.


– I should’ve known you wouldn’t listen to reason.

– This is beyond ridiculous. I have better things to do than listen to an old man’s ramblings.


“Listen Nathaniel, I’ll say this again although it is not my habit to repeat myself. You are being immature, back to when you were sixteen, acting impulsively and running right into the enemy’s den to earn some imaginary recognition. Your anger is only directed at yourself, so do something about it.”


– Why the hell would I always be your scapegoat?! Can’t you ever question yourself and your behavior that could affect other people?!

– For God’s sake, the one with unresolved issues here is not me! Don’t expect me to validate your role as a victim!


“Indeed. It’s obvious that I have other ideas about what a father should be like.”


“If that’s what you want to hear, then let me give you a fatherly advice: do whatever it takes to get Ivy back as soon as possible.”



“And here’s some advice from me. Don’t you dare interfere with my personal matters ever again.”


“You look so much like her… She said the curly hair comes from her side too.”


“While that little boy… looks exactly like me. How ironic.”


– Dad?

– I’m sorry, I’ll turn the lights off now.


“No matter how much I miss her, I wouldn’t know how to get her back if I wanted to.”


“What’s so hard to understand? All that’s left is right here in my arms.”



2 thoughts on “620 – All That’s Left

  1. I think Nate should listen to his father and really take a step back. He’s hurting and if he carries on down this reckless path, he’ll only hurt those he loves the most. Stunning pictures. Love the father/daughter bond, and the pics to the closing sequence.

    • He definitely should listen to the deeper meaning of his father’s sermon. It’s useless (and risky) for him to focus so much on his daughter. And he has some issues around recognition and affection that he should acknowledge and face head on.

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