623 – Tristan’s Memories – Part V (final)

I have never turned anyone. I have always been too focused on revenge to care about educating younglings. Lord de Rais himself was very picky about whom he turned. I guess I can deem myself honored to be part of his elite. He was extremely wary of rebellion among his vassals and would instantly get rid of anyone who even remotely disagreed with him.


The news of his death spread more rapidly than I had anticipated. I hadn’t expected that his vassals would have felt it. They sought me out to check the veracity of their intuition. I soon realized that exchanging information with my kind could prove to be valuable.

18966 18967 18968 18969

When I told them that Lord de Rais had had several children with human women, they seemed surprised. Male or female, none of them had a reproductive ability anymore. I couldn’t have discovered it myself: I was no longer interested in the other sex.


His children were all human, and they had never held any interest for him. With the progress in medicine and genetics in particular, we began to entertain the myth that there must be a female among us somewhere who had inherited the human reproduction mode, and who would be able to bear a vampire child. That fictive being was called the ‘Alma Mater’.


The probability that I could someday recover the child I had lost became an obsession.


With that fable in mind, I socialized and mingled among humans.

18972 18973

I had several partners, only to be able to confirm that breeding the normal way wasn’t an option for me either.


I tried seducing female vampires as well.

18976 18977

To no avail. My partners would never get pregnant.


I was in Roaring Heights during the stock market crash of 1929.


The crisis that followed actually benefited me and I built my fortune upon the ruins of the great depression.


I gradually gained influence among my peers.

18981 18982

I moved back to France when I had enough of changing places.

18983 18984

When the mayor of Anne Arbor contacted me, claiming that she knew who I was and had a project she wished to discuss with me, I was intrigued.


I went to Anne Arbor, and I met Eve, a pregnant vampire.


I had met the Alma Mater.


“You’re running a fever, Tristan. That sickness of yours is very odd…”


“Eve… Please bring me Hugo.”


“I don’t know whether that’s a very good idea… Hugo is acting weird, you know?”


(Eve’s voice) “It’s doing him no good to stay locked up inside the house. He’s reading the whole day, with minimal light, and plays chess alone.”

18991 18992

“Please… I only want to see my son.”


“You don’t want to see it, Tristan… But our son has some kind of issue that I haven’t identified yet.”



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