663 – Not For Me


4 thoughts on “663 – Not For Me

  1. This will not end well for Pippa or Tim for that matter. She’s in such an impossible situation, she can’t have both magic and love. She may pursue the relationship and Tim may understand and accept what she is, but I don’t know how their relationship would remain platonic.

    • Thing is, Tim can’t be more different than her. He’s not just any boy, he’s rich and already a celebrity in his field. That complicates matter even more for them, but Pippa is the only one to realize it, it seems.

  2. So sad for Eve that she is still stuck and unhappy. Pippa has a lot to think about, and Ralph is so patient with her, even if her talk brings him sad memories. I hope Eve is walking on neutral ground there by going to see Pippa.

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