1. This one becomes more and more addicting I have to say.
    Even If I’m not really EA-like supernaturals fan (but no complains it’s a PG-13 game) and even if I find all these things about obligatory witch maidenhood just ridiculous. Especially in context of les-witches… Also even if I see idea of reproducing vampires rather… revolting (they’re *dead* oh man… 😉 ) Not mentioning this terrible facemake of werewolfs.

    Pippa (it’s from Philippa?) looks sweet. And in human form her roommate is quite handsome guy. Please, please don’t force him to change again – it’s almost heartless 😉


    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment!
      Well, the witch maidenhood thing is a worn-out tradition, I agree. However, I like using it as a means to explore what it can do to a young adult in love, and what kind of problems it could cause, and if they can be solved. It’s more the relationship it generates that I’m interested in, rather than the concept itself.
      As for reproducing vampires… well, even in my story, it is impossible. 🙂 Except with Eve, because she is the alma mater (meaning she has a human gene allowing her to reproduce the human way). I don’t define vampires as ‘dead’ in this story, it’s more like a genetic disease. Their genes were transformed, but they do have (cold) blood running through their veins and they can be killed, even though they have better resistance and healing capacities. Their immortality has a price: their only source of nourishment is blood from a living creature, and they can only breed by bite.
      Finally, as for werewolf Ralph… 😀 I’m sorry, you’ll have to cover your eyes because he’s going to change into a werewolf more than once!
      Pippa is just Pippa. 🙂 Her twin sister is Piper and I thought it sounded nice together.

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  2. Ralph surprised me there by being so accomodating towards Eve. But then again since they both have some connection to the Golzines I guess it makes them friends or something close to friends. I’m curious to see what Eve does with the potion.


    1. He has met Eve before, that’s why he says that he knows her. 🙂 She was (and still is) more a victim than anything, and she has never been aggressive. She’s definitely special because she has a human gene (the same one that allows her to bear children).


  3. haha Ralph! harumph! … he’s such a big softie trying to look all mean. 😉 I hope the potion works.


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