665 – The Afterlife


4 thoughts on “665 – The Afterlife

  1. Ah, so that’s what the potion was about. Eva reminds me of Melinda from Ghost Whisperer and Alison Du Bois in Medium. Creepy job and gift she has there. I get heebiejeebies just thinking about seeing ghosts. I wonder how the father/son reunion will go.

    • It’s one of the special powers that makes her different from just any vampire. She’s always found comfort in a cemetery, she’s the loner type. 🙂 It’s the only place she ever goes to by the way, she just enjoys the presence of ghosts.
      She’s met BĂ©ranger several times: here, here and here. She understands death, she even saw her grandmother’s ghost and had to let it go. BĂ©ranger is a disturbed soul, that’s why she wanted to help him.

  2. I am pretty surprised he trusted and drank the potion. Very excited to see what he does if/when he actually meets his Dad.

    • Besides really wanting to see his dad, Theo trusts Eve. She has always stirred something in him that makes him softer. That’s her power, generally speaking. 🙂

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