667 – Back To Earth

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4 thoughts on “667 – Back To Earth

  1. Nate got pretty lucky there. Sam’s training saved his life.
    Can’t believe Sen is dead 😦 Theo seemed quite sad about it, in his emotionless sort of way.

    • Not sure whether Nate would have been that easy to shoot, but Sam certainly helped a great deal! She’s gutsy, to say the least.
      Sen was so important in both father’s and son’s life that even dead, he seems to bring them closer. Theo is deeply affected. The way he turns his head aside, the hard look in his eyes… Sen was that much to him.

  2. Sam was really badass in this update. I guess all that gun training with her grandfather paid off. Still not sure how I feel about her handling a gun tho.

    Ivy was awesome too! Nathan’s girls can really take care of themselves.

    Still can’t believe Sen’s gone though. What a way to go!

    • You point out interesting things! 🙂 That’s what that chapter was about: Nathaniel realizing that he can actually count on ‘his girls’, the suddenness of Sen’s death, Sam being actually more into action than her father,…
      Nice summary!

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