675 – Closer

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  1. never thought of who would train Sam now…. the thought of Sam meeting Ashley is troubling… her world will crumble I think when she finds out about him and who he is… oh boy… I hope that they don’t feel attraction toward each other, that would have horrible, and maybe irreparable consequences..
    Theo really outdid himself with that gift, I am wow’ed too! 😉 …


    1. Sam and Ash are just an inch away from meeting each other now. 🙂
      Glad you liked Theo’s gift. 😉 It’s really a token of appreciation from him.


  2. Oh boy, oh boy, omg! Sam and Ash meeting. This is a disaster of epic proportions, especially if they fall in love with each other. Hopefully Ash bring their father image will sort of be a turn off to Sam and they don’t go the falling in love route. But then again Ash looking like Nate will def raise serious questions. Either way, however this plays out, both their worlds will be changed forever when they meet.


    1. Haha! 😀 Now Sam is crazy about her father, and isn’t it common knowledge that girls look for a man that either looks like their father, or is the complete opposite?… Giving you food for thoughts.


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