676 – New Era

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  1. A lot is going on in that little world… Poor Risa…. but she made her choice… I hope she doesn’t seek out Nathaniel 😦 ….


    1. She knows where her place is, she was even the one who reasoned with him. It’s just a lot for her to take, and she never imagined she could find herself in such a situation. She tends to think of Nathaniel as the person who’d best understand her.


  2. Who is that big bad wolf at the end?

    Risa needs to stop thinking about Nate and move on. Seeking him out will only bring trouble for the both of them. Though I’m not sure how much longer they can both avoid trouble considering their children could bump into each other any moment now.


    1. Big bad wolf?
      As for Risa, she’s completely confused at the moment. She was quite firm on moving on with her life, but with her involvement with the supernatural, it feels to her as if she could never have the quiet little life she thought she had (and for which she broke up with Nate, btw). I’ll try to focus on that a bit more in a future update, but right now, the reason why she wants to see him is that she’s looking for someone strong.


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