681 – Revelations

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  1. yay, that set of events on the party has made me laugh and I almost destroyed my laptop with coffee. These chick-talks and daddy-kid were really good, but this romantic suggestion of “getting old” simple broke me.

    I beg you, set a warning for such posts like: “Reading may damage your hardware”, or so 😀

    By the way – does there were a competition within Wong “clan” for most-reckless and possible stupidest candidate for a Mayor? Seems that way 😉


    1. Haha, I won’t add a warning because it’s too much fun when I get people to laugh at my silly little cartoons! 😀
      As for the Wongs, well Liang is actually not too bad at managing things. 🙂 At least, he acknowledges the Golzines’ existence instead of going against them like Yu Wong did. And he’s right in that, what you keep secret, you can’t control. From the moment it goes public, everyone will become a potential policeman. His political style is inspired by Confucianism.

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      1. heh what is publicly revealed isn’t controlled anymore either 😉 Anyway, it’s tempting to see his face when his fulfilled wish hit the fan. 😀

        Ok, before I start to read next time I just cover my laptop with some umbrella. 😉


  2. Oh noes! Nate doesn’t look too thrilled at the possibility of being a dad again. Hopefully Ivy’s just going through menopause.

    The teenage angst with Sam was beautifully portrayed! I just love her interactions with her parents, especially her dad.

    Interesting development with Liang, hopefully he doesn’t bite more than he can swallow.


    1. Unexpected pregnancy also raises a lot of issues, especially in that family. And Ivy’s only 40, that’s a bit young for menopause. 🙂
      Thanks a lot for commenting!


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