706 – Threshold

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  1. I was a little angry at Nate for going on without Ivy. Or rather, for not staying behind with her. There’s a whole team of witches and immortals going to Risa’s rescue. He does not need to endanger himself, and Ivy and Sam should be his priority, not running off to be the big hero.
    Also, he should have known Ivy wasn’t going to just stay put like a good little girl.
    Can’t wait to see how this all plays out, and what the long term effects from crossing that threshold will be on Nate and Ivy!


    1. Well, playing the hero is part of Nate’s nature somehow. Also, the Golzines are risking their life on a daily basis, including Sam (but I agree that I do not show that part very often). The witches and vampires are not there for Risa, they have their own motives. Nathaniel is basically the only one who cares about Risa’s safety, and he takes it to heart. But he would certainly not let Ivy run any risks on his behalf.
      But that’s true: he should have foreseen that Ivy would not be obedient! He’s an idealist, what can I say? 🙂


  2. Nate’s decision was very in character for Nate, definitely…I did not mean to question your decision as a writer to go in this direction, I just had an emotional reaction of anger. Probably because Ivy is the character I relate to most so I saw this scene more from her perspective.


    1. Right, and I’m really glad you can relate to one of my characters, thanks for that! Sorry, I just felt like jumping to Nate’s defense because he’s the teacher’s pet! 😀

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