717 – Prom

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  1. just of my curiosity…
    How old she is? I understand the “prom” goes mostly while kids are at the last year of the school, right? (differences between countries and worlds are very confusing smtms) So, they’re about 18? And that was her 1st kiss???? x.x

    I feel so dirty and depravated so early in “teenagehood”, now…


    1. Yeah, well… this is the Sims world where you magically turn from teen to YA in a spark explosion. There are no specific ages. So it’s hard for me to assess if they’re supposed to be 18 or 20, or exactly when their first kiss should happen (I mean, I only have 8 teenagers in town, which kinda show in the dance scene… limits the boyfriend selection). But if you want a more realistic explanation: Sam doesn’t know anyone her own age besides those two. There are only adults around her. That’s also why they are both so important to her.


      1. yep; I know – so I’ve been writting “out of curiosity”; It’s just me 😉 I personally like these little details which make story and world more >a whole thing<. But – anyway you are right, she belongs to a "special" family therefore – she was rather separated from other kids. On the other hand – she was going to public school (?) – anyway it's looks like – but these "strange kids" (in any means) tends to be lonely and separated from others. Which may leads to early "romantic development" as substitution for care and attention, or quite opposite – distance and separation from most of similar age people.

        And, because she's quite pretty (1st sim looking really good in this pajama-eaten-by-dog-night-gown dress I've ever seen 😀 ) it might be ever harder. As my dear one said many times: "beign a pretty one really sucks in reality".


      2. I get the ‘little details’ thing. 🙂 That’s what makes a character likeable. Sam didn’t go to school, she was homeschooled (meaning she’s got a tutor and stuff) like her father and grand-father before her. The Golzines’ program is a bit too far ahead compared to standard education. After all, she can already manage business strategy and economics. 😉 So she was effectively separated from other kids, although to be fair to Nathaniel, he insisted to let her do normal activities like playing soccer. That’s how she met Jay when they were kids, with the result that we know. Mingling with other people also means exposing yourself to all kinds of emotions… or injuries.
        And she’s a cutie alright. ;_;
        Thank you for your interesting comments, it’s a great discussion!


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