727 – Time Flies


NB: Lance is a creation by my friend jepensedoncjesims.



  1. A PhD just shall lower his job possibilities even more 🙂 Or maybe your world is not so cruel after all.

    Sadly predicable, however you have someting in the sleeve, right? And I do not mean just old, “meet your forbidden love once again” stuff.

    Yep. But, above all, *why she’s wearing that awful shoes* ! That’s beyond self punishing. Have mercy, pls 😉


    1. You know, I’m grateful for you taking the time to comment but sometimes I can’t help but wonder if you really like my story… ^^; I’ve never pretended to depict a super realistic and original world, and my aesthetic choices are rather my own.

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      1. I’m sorry it leaved such impression 😦
        I really like you story and that maybe leads to too much involvement; like where you so much disagree with the Author of (for example) the book because he or she has made you actually caring about character and story.
        And probably my sense of humor is not at its best shape lately. Sorry to bother you again. Shame on me.

        *now going into some micehole*


      2. You have no idea how relieved I am!
        As an author, I tend to be very protective towards my story and characters, and also anxious about how readers will react. Every comment means a lot to me! I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, please don’t feel pressurized if you wish to comment in the future. Now that I know for sure that you have nothing but good intentions, I promise I will always see your comments in a good way. 🙂


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