732 – Echo



  1. I guess I’m flexible and technical at this stage of my life. Incest is a massive taboo, but the real issue is with inbreeding. Their genetic relationship is known to almost no one except their parents, and it isn’t even legal. So long as they sterilize and adopt and kids, they could be married. The only folks who would suffer are their parents with the knowledge of their heritage, and from Sam’s perspective, at least, that might be a benefit.

    Not sure if that’s where she’s leaning or if Ash would ever go for it. I know that what actually happens is far more wild.


    1. I know it is taboo, but the way I see the drama in Sam and Ash’s relationship is not that they absolutely want to be a couple, it’s that they need each other because they bring stability in each other’s lives. Sam wants the freedom to love in the broader sense. She doesn’t care much about the type of relationship as long as she can be close to him. Ash is more cautious with his feelings and tends to rationalize everything (much like someone else…), but in the end, he can’t help loving Sam in the same way.
      Also, Ash is very much leaning towards the asexual end of the spectrum, so I see their relationship as platonic with some tender moments. They definitely wouldn’t have kids (neither of them would even consider it tbh).


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