733 – Just A Smile



  1. I love how he refuses to back down. He might not know how to fight but he will bravely take a beat down for Same, even sacrifice his own life. There’s no denying that he inherited that Golzine determination.


    1. Ash is definitely no coward, and yes he got that from his father’s side. He reacts in pretty much the same way as Nathaniel in this chapter. They are more alike than they would think. Which is probably part of why Sam loves him so much.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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  2. Oh, god. Sam! Ash needs you! T_T

    The first part of this chapter was really touching, old friends reuniting, meeting new friends, an “accidental” kiss. Then the second part…like a punch to the gut. I hope Sam straightens out her entourage.


    1. Yes, just as Ash had begun to realize that he was less lonely than he thought… He has people caring for him, he even has Jay back in his life.
      And now this…
      So happy that you are enjoying this! ^^

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