741 – Turn Back Time



  1. I feel so sad for Sam. It must be so hard to love someone so much and know you can never have them. If Sam did go back in time and somehow stopped her father and Ash’s mother from sleeping together, there would be no Ash. Or if she stopped her father from finding out about her relationship with Ash, they would still be related. It’s a lose-lose situation no matter how you look at it. They could always pull a Jaime and Cersei but then it’s possible they could produce a Joffrey! LOL.


    1. Thank you for your empathy with Sam! Indeed, it’s a dead-end anyway… While Sam lets out her frustration in different, self-destructive ways, Ash is acting restrained and internalizes everything. He is just more accustomed to loneliness and self-hatred than Sam is. Worst is, Sam used to be able to deal with pretty much anything than came at her. But like she says, she felt supported by her father. She could easily forgive his indiscretion, but because Ash is the result of it, she can’t overcome her anger. It’s a vicious circle, really.
      (I don’t watch GoT so I didn’t get the reference immediately, but yeah… scary prospect!)

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