On Tumblr, you will find the regular story updates, but also little extras, like photoshoots, character explanations, and all that jazz!

Character Focus

These are summaries until about the middle of Fifth Part (June 2015) of various parts of the story from a specific character’s point of view. Starting with Ralph, Benjamin/Annabelle Duval, Thomas Leneuf, Ulrich Heilman, Noah Deville, Seth Zay, the Wong Family, Risa Parsons, Eloise and Nathaniel Golzine.

My favorite chapters

Think of it as a commented version of my favorite chapters.

Favorite pics

Author’s favorite pics (commented)!

30 Days Character Development – Nathaniel Golzine

For 30 days, I’ve replied to a set of questions about Nathaniel. Just because he’s my favorite character of all time.

Character memes

Other types of character memes…!

7 sins & 7 virtues

Each sin and virtue is represented by a AFATWG character.

Small Simblr Workshop Photo Challenge

31 prompts around AFATWG characters (also depicted in the “Moments” chapters).


A series of “slice of life” pics involving minor characters.


A collection of pics of the various places I’ve decorated myself.

Presentation of all families (Feb-Mar 2014)

Just what it says. A presentation of all the AFATWG families in-game, with links to their stories. It is dated because my families keep on changing.



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