On my Tumblr, you will find the regular story updates, but also a lot of bonus pics! I am much more active on that platform, there is a lot to explore (and some cc to download).


Photoshoots, character development, videos, and all that jazz! Everything that’s not the story itself. 🙂

Character Focus

These are summaries until about the middle of Fifth Part (June 2015) of various parts of the story from a specific character’s point of view. Starting with Ralph, Benjamin/Annabelle Duval, Thomas Leneuf, Ulrich Heilman, Noah Deville, Seth Zay, the Wong Family, Risa Parsons, Eloise and Nathaniel Golzine.

My favorite chapters

Think of it as a commented version of my favorite chapters.

Favorite pics

Author’s favorite pics (commented)!

30 Days Character Development – Nathaniel Golzine

For 30 days, I’ve replied to a set of questions about Nathaniel. Just because he’s my favorite character of all time.

Character memes

Other types of character memes…!

7 sins & 7 virtues

Each sin and virtue is represented by a AFATWG character.

Small Simblr Workshop Photo Challenge

31 prompts around AFATWG characters (also depicted in the “Moments” chapters).


A series of “slice of life” pics involving minor characters.


A collection of pics of the various places I’ve decorated myself.

Presentation of all families (Feb-Mar 2014)

Just what it says. A presentation of all the AFATWG families in-game, with links to their stories. It is dated because my families keep on changing.



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