AFATWG Youtube


I thought this could serve as an opening theme for the series around the Fourth Part, using pics from the “Moments” chapters (song used: “Take Me Hand” by Daishi Dance feat. Cécile Corbel).

AFATWG 2nd Theme

This second theme (“The Chemicals Between us” by Bush) contains spoilers about the middle of Fifth Part.

AFATWG Golzine Tribute – Also available on Dailymotion

This video takes us back to the beginnings of the legacy up to Sam, the current heir (song used: “Titanium”, Madilyn Bailey cover version).

Some Dream of Sam’s…

AFATWG 7 minutes Trailer

Best scenes from the Fifth Part, with speech bubbles. 🙂

Right after Chapter 726 – Ash and Sam

Character videos

These are obviously centered around a specific character and retelling his or her life in music and with speech bubbles.


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