First Golzine Generations

The Golzine clan is the local mob family and serves as a connection between many characters in AFATWG. They are a complicated family that got divided over time into several sub-branches. Ludo Golzine’s heirs are the only ones who are mafia-related. Bloodline doesn’t matter for the Golzines. What counts is resourcefulness and courage.

Although Viggo Golzine is heir by blood, he has cut all ties with the mafia and enjoys a life of luxury. Thomas Leneuf is a major businessman while the Sid Golzine branch is a family of artists.

Ludo Golzine Béranger Golzine Theo Golzine Viggo Golzine Thomas Leneuf
Sid Golzine Adonis Golzine Jacob Golzine Ange Golzine

Next Golzine Generations

Theo Golzine Ange Golzine Nathaniel Golzine Ivy Brooks Sam Golzine
Risa Parsons Ashley Blake Jeong Sen Myung (not on family tree)


Video also available on Dailymotion

The Golzine Sub-branches

Viggo Golzine  Tara Cooper Thomas Leneuf Gabriel Leneuf Abby Golzine
Amelia Leneuf Annabelle Duval Benjamin Duval Jay Leneuf Johan Blake


Jacob Golzine  Emily Golzine Noah Deville Tim Golzine Stella Deville

The Blake Siblings

There Blakes have been prolific, to say the least. This is not even their entire family tree, but it includes some important protagonists.

Martin Blake  Violette Blake Orian Zay Faith Blake Johan Blake
Amelia Leneuf Seth Zay Pippa Crewe Ralph Connery

The Wong Dynasty

The Wong family is a matriarchy of Chinese origin. They are traditionally mayors of Anne Arbor from heir to heir. Bloodline being paramount to them, daughters of the family always marry a distant cousin. But there are exceptions…

Rose Wong Yu Wong Fei Wong Liang Wong

The Underworld

Most people are not aware that their existence. But there are vampires among us.

Baron Gilles de Rais Tanya Gutierrez Eve Fangmann Cain Simson Tristan de Lalaing
Eloise Simson Hugo de Lalaing

Other notable characters

Chris Daumillier Laura Leneuf Hector Parsons Sandy Parsons Kyle Delmott
Ulrich (Uli) Heilman Martha Rosencrantz

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