Annabelle Duval

Avant-garde, Grumpy, Inappropriate, Never nude, Rebellious

It’s like Annabelle was born angry. She has trouble fitting in and is a constant state of rebellion. Although it seems like she has a grudge against the whole world, her attitude is actually a reflection of her resentment against her absent father, Gabriel Leneuf. That she went looking for him when she was 5 years old, got hurt and marked for life, is just a proof of the depth of her frustration. For the longest time, Annabelle refused to speak anything but French as she associated English with her father. It changed after she got to meet her grand-parents. She built a special relationship with Thomas, her grand-father, although it wasn’t meant to last.

Annabelle struggled with identity issues as she felt that she was a lesbian. Her girlfriend Melanie did her best to get Annabelle to accept herself.

Annabelle is a glass blower, and is also behind some of the city’s most remarkable street art.

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