Ashley Blake

Bookworm, Loner, Perceptive, Unflirty, Socially awkward (Hidden trait: brooding)

The best word that describes Ashley is melancholic. Not that he is sad for himself. If you ask him, he will tell you that he is not very good with people, but he is in fact so attuned to their emotions that he makes their suffering his own. He is very quiet most of the time. Because he wants each of his words to have meaning. He cherishes books and poetry. His dog and his loneliness.

Ash tends to shy away from the others. He can seem aloof and lost in thought. As a child, his mother wouldn’t look at him directly. There was something untold in the family, a poison that made him regret to have been born at all. When the secret was finally out (that his father was not his biological father), it came as a relief. But it also erected a wall between him and the person he loves the most.

He describes Sam as his other half. His half-sister, his half-life. Ever since he laid eyes on her, she has been the missing piece of the puzzle of his mind. For her, he lost Jay, his only friend. And for her, he would take any blow and negate his feelings. Because she brings sense to this confusing world.

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