Belinda Angelista

Absent-minded, Easily impressed, Social butterfly,  Excitable, Hopeless romantic
Belinda is a dizzy little thing who couldn’t hurt a fly. She arrived late in her mother’s life, from a cheating lover. She became orphaned at a young age, only to be taken on by her kind-hearted half-sister Yasmine. Belinda could never get her head around the fact that she had a sister so much older than herself and persistently refers to Yasmine as her “aunt”.

Belinda immediately looked up to Emily, the daughter of her new family. Emily is cool and smart and friendly. Belinda wants to be Emily’s pillow (in her head, it makes total sense).

The love of her life is Josh Deville. Josh is cool and nice and maybe-not-so-smart-but-who-cares. The blissfully happy couple now lives in Isla Paradiso.

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