Béranger Golzine

Genius, Great kisser, Hot-headed, Athletic, Charismatic
Béranger’s life has never been an easy one. His whole existence revolves around finding his place when he’s an illegitimate, then adopted son in a gangster family. He never knew his official father, briefly met his biological father, but manages to prove himself to Ludo Golzine, the man behind the mafia and his new stepfather.

The only person on earth he considers his soulmate is the person he shared his childhood with, Paule. Talking all night long on the beach with her, far from everyone and everything, has become his addiction. When she kisses him then runs away, he becomes aware of the depth of his feelings for her. But they are not meant to be, and he marries Leona, a loud and high-strung girl from a well-off family. Their relationship will be made of more downs than ups.

An intelligent subordinate at first, Béranger soon becomes the next Golzine heir. With basically the whole city in his hands, he divorces Leona (with the consequence that he never gets to see his children again) and goes to find Paule.

He barely has had the time to know their son Theo when he gets shot by a rival gang.

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