Cain Simson

Unstable, Coward, Brooding, Hot-headed, Friendly/Mean-spirited (after being turned)
Cain’s story starts out as a normal boy with normal concerns, like how he can make Ange Golzine fall desperately in love with him. He just fails to see that he is himself an object of desire for another girl in his class. A girl with fangs and a pronounced taste for red meat. Eve is a well-meaning vampire, but the Thirst starts to creep in during the teenage years and is particularly strong with people you have a crush on… One day, she cannot stop herself.

Cain nearly dies and to save him, Eve turns him into a vampire.

His relationship with Eve starts out badly: she is eaten up with remorse, he makes sure she stays as such. Relentlessly, Eve cleans up his mess and keeps him from doing any harm. Overcome with the same urge as Eve, he attacks Ange but Eve fortunately stops him on time. A bad move that will leave both Cain and Eve indebted to the Golzine clan for years to come.

Cain gradually softens towards Eve. Only when he thought he has lost her, during a confrontation with an evil vampire orchestrated by Theo Golzine, only then does Cain realized the depth of his anguish without her.

They end up having a child, Eloise (a miracle in itself, the impact of which none of them were aware of at the time). Even so, they don’t always agree on their daughter’s education, Cain being overly protective of her.

New vampires come into town in answer to Mayor Wong’s invitation. Cain is appointed ombudsman for this occasion. Specifically, Tristan brings some obscure revelations about Eve’s genetic background. As if their relationship wasn’t already difficult enough, Tristan also takes a particular liking to Eve, whispering vampire doctrine into her ears. Cain is jealous, scared for Eloise, refusing that she gets tested and becomes increasingly paranoid to the point of running away to Twinbrook with his daughter. These wounds will take a long time to heal. Only fighting alongside each other will bring Cain and Eve back together.

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