Carmen Benavides


Great kisser, Dramatic, Hot-headed, Loves the heat, Party animal

Carmen is a headstrong Latin-American whose story starts as she hangs out with the local bad boys, Seth and Adrian. More particularly, she seems to have a knack to keep Seth in check. But Seth has other things in mind than flirting and lets her hanging around which frustrates her to no end.

With time, she gets what she wants anyway. After graduation, Seth and Carmen hit the road to Lucky Palms in search of a better life. But making ends meet is difficult when you’re just a bouncer and a waitress in a town full of strangers. After Seth receives a job offer in their hometown, they decide to go back.

Carmen is impatient and basically decides by herself to have a child (which Seth isn’t too happy with). As Seth keeps money rolling in, she starts questioning where it all comes from. When she finally confronts him, Seth reveals that he works for the mafia.

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