Eloise Simson

(Normal Eloise) Insane, Good, Absent-minded, Loves the cold, Loner

(Dark Eloise) Evil, Mooch, Charismatic, Ambitious, Daredevil

Eloise has always been different. Not because she is a vampire. Not because she was born as such. Nor because she has strange powers. She is different because there is another Eloise inside of her. Dark Eloise.

Eloise is a sweet, sweet girl. All she wants is for her parents to get along. But at times, she seems to see inside people’s head. What they really think deep down. All their ugly thoughts. And the other Eloise smiles.

She is happy to feed from canned plasma. She certainly doesn’t want to hurt anyone. But then the Thirst comes in and the other Eloise smiles.

Eloise knows that humans die. Animals do die too, like Furball when she was a kid. But she is immortal and will never die. The doctor said that she has “ultimate vampire genes”, whatever that means. The thought makes the other Eloise smile too.

She doesn’t want the other Eloise to take control. She doesn’t want to do the things the other Eloise whispers of. So she asked a witch to seal her other self. Behind the eye patch, inside her white right pupil… Dark Eloise awaits.

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