Emily Golzine

Artistic, Bookworm, Unflirty, Athletic, Charismatic
Emily has everything going for her: looks, money, intelligence, talent and even kindness. She is an artist, playing the violin and drawing a lot. So she is kind, sure, but stingy with her affection. At least that’s what Noah thinks, he has been chasing after her for years. Emily spurned all his romantic propositions on the basis that she dislikes his manners, particularly with women. She just doesn’t take him seriously and prefers to date an anarchist. Who will only treat her as if she was daddy’s little princess.

And after all these years… she finally brings herself to trust Noah (when he posed naked for her, didn’t she see that it was also metaphorically?). She tamed the womanizer.

She got distracted at some point. A colleague playing a dangerous game. It almost made her lose Noah. So they have their fights, but the make-up sex always compensates. In the end, that’s not what will break them.

Her best friend is an airhead called Belinda. Not because she makes Emily look good, but just because she’s Bel.

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