Eve Fangmann

Easily impressed, Good, Unlucky, Loner, Socially awkward
Gentle Eve is an Alma Mater, that is a vampire that isn’t sterile. Vampire descendants are generally secured through biting. But Eve being able to bear children means that she still carries human genes within her, the same genes originating from the first human being who was turned into a vampire. And for good reason: Eve was born from the union between a vampire and a human descendant from that first vampire.

Eve never had any issues with her vampiric condition, she went to school like any other kid. Until she reached adulthood and then both the Thirst and her powers drove her insane. Indeed, Eve has a particular gift for telepathy, like some of her species. She also has the rare ability to see ghosts (the cemetery was her favorite hangout when she was a teen).

She turned her classmate Cain into a vampire, one of her deepest regrets in her immortal life. Ever since, Eve has become eaten up with guilt. Tristan played on that guilt to seduce her, ultimately reaching his goal: having a child of his own.

Although poor Eve has basically been used by men all her life, she has such a strong urge to protect those around her that she silently bears with everything. It pays in the end: Cain, her first and only love, might only admit it reluctantly but he sould take the stars out of the sky for her.

Eve has already died once but was resurrected thanks to Theo Golzine. She repaid him the favor by allowing him to see the ghost of his father.

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