Fei Wong

Party animal, Inappropriate, Couch potato, Hot-headed, Diva
Fei is the fourth Wong heiress, but clearly not a political leader. In fact, she couldn’t care less about politics. All she cares about is having fun, preferably with good-looking men and preferably in the most scandalous way (Noah Deville was her first time, just saying…).

When she is asked to marry pudgy Liang, the man chosen by her family, her first reaction is to rebuff him. But Liang points out to her that the deal is a win-win situation: he gets to become the next mayor (and incidentally marry a beautiful woman), while she gets to do anything she wants. So she agrees to the arranged marriage.

Paradoxically, Fei will not want to hurt Liang so much once she gets to know him. He is honest, sincere and hard-working. She even jumps to his defense when her mother accuses him of revealing her secrets publically. When she gets pregnant, it’s with his children.

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