Gabriel Leneuf

Friendly, Flirty, Coward, Workaholic, Light sleeper
Oh Gabriel… The eternal ditherer. Abby threw himself at him the second he was a teenager (quite literally). She smothered him with the force of her conviction that they were made for each other. And while he protested, he didn’t quite reject her either. In the absence of anyone more convincing (and more determined than Abby… though that would be difficult) he caved in.

But that was not the end of it. During a trip to France, he met Céleste. Just a teenage fling, right?

Then there was his beautiful colleague Veronica. At least he had the presence of mind not to go all the way with her.

The cold shower came when he discovered that he had conceived twins with Céleste. That definitely calmed him down.

Through all this, Abby forgave him. Not without comical punishment (like when she asked him to shave his hair), but she stayed with him. Because Gabe and Abby are made for each other. She forever is his little red-headed fool.

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