Gilles de Rais

Evil, Genius, Charismatic, Proper, Ambitious
If there was one evil bad guy in this story, it would be him. Baron Gilles de Rais is originally a medieval lord who dabbled in potion-making and experimented on human beings, in order to make himself immortal (he was also known as Bluebeard, you may have heard of him?). He became the first vampire, killing Agnès Sorel (his page Tristan’s lover) and using her foetus as his last ingredient. He then made Tristan into his first vampire servant.

Gilles de Rais knows that Tristan both hates and fears him, and rather enjoys watching him struggle between his desire to kill him and his inability to do so. He will later manipulate Tristan’s son Hugo to trust him and make him into his successor (or rather, his receptacle…). He is all in all ruthless towards his minions and doesn’t care much about their lives, as Millicent will find out at her expense.

Gilles de Rais also got hold of the time machine and killed its creator. Discovering that he was supposed to die during the French revolution, he changed the timeline and made sure that he survived using future technology (ie, the teleporter that he carries around). He eradicated vampires’ natural enemies, the werewolves, tracking down the last one, and killed the fairy queen to prevent her from generating more of them. He is the reason why time is distorted.

Finally, the Baron is an accomplished necromancer. Using black dragons, he raises and controls the dead to use them as his army. He has strong telepathic abilities that allow him to create illusions to manipulate the mind of his victims, and his potion-making skills can protect him from almost anything. Evil, I’m telling you.

Although the Baron’s servants are all fully-fledged vampires, he himself remained partially human (as shown by the fact that he retained human reproducing abilities – and had many descendants as a result). Vampirism considerably slowed down the aging process and the Grim Reaper granted him a special extension, but Gilles de Rais is still mortal and looking for another way to achieve immortality. One would have been through Risa Parsons, a woman who received a unicorn blessing and whose blood is a natural panacea. The Baron’s plan was to conceive a child with her, then transfer his soul to the child, leaving his sick body behind. Because this took too much time, he then tried to take over Hugo’s body. He failed when the telepathic powers of Hugo’s half-sister Eloise proved to be superior to his own. The Grim Reaper didn’t waste time to claim his soul.

Gilles de Rais’s human descendants, such as Tanya Gutierrez, all carry a dormant vampire gene. When Tanya actually had a relationship with vampire William Fangmann, she was able to bear his child and the little girl called Eve became what is known as an Alma Mater, a vampire female who can have children.

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