Hugo de Lalaing

Evil, snob, genius, couch potato, unstable

Hugo is the son of Eve and Tristan, i.e. an Alma Mater and the oldest vampire alive. Just like his half-sister Eloise, his genes makes him an ultimate vampire: he is gifted with strong powers in telepathy and psychokinesis. But unlike her, he has no notion of right and wrong…

Hugo has been kept locked up in his father’s manor most of his life. He never really learned to empathize or simply deal with other people. This made him an aloof, dispassionate and self-focused kind of being, with no respect for his parents whatsoever. With his special powers, he always knew his mother never wanted him. His only passion in life is chess, which he often plays online.

He is in fact craving for intimacy, some sort of motherly gentleness that he found in Risa.

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