Ivy Brooks

Hot-headed, Brave, Good sense of humor, Commitment issues, Loves the heat
Ivy is the daughter of a Lucky Palms casino owner working for the Golzines and killed by a rival gangster. She was supposed to pair up with Nathaniel when he was sent over there to sort out the situation. His old-fashioned ways annoyed her at first, she has never been used to get a special treatment because she was a woman. Ivy’s surroundings were primarily male, and of the macho kind. She started a harmless flirt with him, treading carefully too as he was obviously recovering from a serious relationship. But after playing-pretend-to-be-kissing, actually-kissing-but-that-is-just-a-thank-you-kiss, and a few wet dreams… she threw caution to the wind and the towel at her feet. She still wouldn’t hear about anything serious happening between them. Even as she told Nathaniel she would go back to Anne Arbor with him. Ok, so maybe their relationship is not so casual. Maybe she actually meant it when she consented to bear the next Golzine heir. So what is the problem with Ivy and commitment?

Ivy acts very informally around ‘Nate’. While she seems to take him for granted, she is actually seriously smitten. And it scares the sh** out of her. Cheating has never been a deal-breaker to her. But deep down, she is jealous of Risa, Nathaniel’s picture-perfect ex and what she meant to him. A good thing that she is confident in the attraction she herself exerts on him.

Sometimes, she just wants him to say it out loud. That he loves her. That she’s the one.

Ivy also has trouble defining what to do with her life. For a long time, this put strain on her relationship with Nathaniel. She hates being a stay-at-home mom. But with Nate being overly protective, she hardly gets a bit of action. To keep her busy, she receives a casino from Theo Golzine himself (she gets along with him quite alright). She eventually has to force Nathaniel’s hand to make her officially his business partner and accompany him on his missions.

She is not very interested in children and is very grateful when someone else can take them off her hands. Only when Sam became a teenager did she become something other than a burden to her mother. Not that Ivy is a bad mother. She’s just not maternal at all.

She’s a terrible shot. But she practiced and got better. Her fearlessness makes up for the rest.

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