Jacob Golzine

Virtuoso, good sense of humor, natural born performer, great kisser, charismatic
Jacob is the charismatic virtuoso his father never was. He played in the streets for years before being noticed by a producer. That he is good-looking is just a bonus.

Jacob was in a relationship very early on with a fiery-tempered girl called Faith Blake. Although he was genuinely in love with her, she stifled him with her jealousy and hot-headedness. He broke up with her soon after they entered their YA years, and dated sweet, smiling Yasmine instead, admiring her  positivity after all she has been through in her life. And yes, she appealed to his protective side.

Jacob is also very protective towards his cute little sister Ange (he loved to tease her too, “Noodle” was his nickname for her). He was appalled to find out that she was seeing an older man. Even more when he learned who that man really was. The relationship between the two siblings has never been quite the same since then. Jacob came to hate the man who separated him from his sister.

Jacob is a retired rock star, happy to pass the torch on to his son. He has always been close to his two children, his little Milly (Emily) and Tim who is at least as talented as he was.

He did see Faith again by chance during a tour. The two of them became nostalgic and shared a kiss.

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