Jonathan (Jay) Leneuf

Dramatic, Rebellious, Clumsy, Hopeless romantic, Bot fan
Jay is a rebel with a big heart. He’s never been into studying so he feels a little bit out of place at school. He smokes and has a big mouth, but in truth, he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Yet everybody seems scared of him. Well except his cousin Lucy, but Lucy is just nice to everyone. That is until he decides to become friend with Ashley, the hermit of the classroom.

Jay as a kid was a prankster: he loved to play tricks on people and would always tease Lucy. He also loved soccer. In his team, there was this girl called Sam. They were always together and would make bets and dares. He *might* have had a crush on her.

The crush became obvious when she wrote to him again years later. Together with Ash, the three of them began to meet at regular intervals. Jay even invites Sam to their prom. Drama will ensue, resulting in Jay finally figuring out that his two friends have been in love with each other all this time. Ashamed and unable to face them, he breaks off all ties.

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