Julian Blake

Unlucky, Shy, Animal lover, Technophobe, Loner
Julian is the designated victim for bullies like Seth. He is shy, has weird hobbies like collecting insects, and has the worst luck ever. Thankfully he has some friends outside of school, like pretty Risa. When he finds out that she is also going to Uni, he is enthralled.

After being stuck in friend zone for a long time, he will need some alcohol to gather enough courage to kiss her. He knows that she is just out of a serious relationship, hates himself for forcing him on her, and would do his utmost to make her happy. Risa often seems distracted. But who is he to blame her when he is so lame himself? A few years into their marriage, she confesses that she did the deed with her ex. That it’s not the first time. Julian is devastated. He desperately wants Risa to look at him only, but how can he compete with the most powerful man in town?
And his son Ashley… his dark hair. Better not think about it. Things will work out in the end. They are a family. He just wants Risa to be happy.

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