Liang Wong (born Yat-Sen)

Genius, Good, Perfectionist, Brave, Shy
Liang is a gentle, idealistic bureaucrat. His politics is very much influenced by Confucianism. He has a strong sense of citizen responsibility, and believes that honesty is the best way to lead. He couldn’t stand his predecessor, Yu Wong’s lies to the population and took it upon himself to publically expose the existence of vampires.

His marriage to the Wong heiress Fei (a distant cousin, as always with the Wongs) has been decided very early on, and he plunged into political studies to be able to either support her or become mayor himself. When he actually met her, he was immediately attracted to her, she is such a beauty. While he has always been chubby and shy… Since she was not interested in politics in the least, he made a deal with her: they would get married and he would become mayor, but she would remain free to do whatever she liked… and see whoever she wanted.   It remains a mystery to him that she never actually used that freedom to ever cheat on him.

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