Ludo Golzine

Charismatic, Evil, Genius, Ambitious, Perfectionist
Ludo Golzine is one of the founders of the Golzine legacy, together with his brother Sid. The two of them are specialized in crime, although Ludo is the mastermind while Sid focuses on thievery. They will generate two separate branches in the family: Sid’s side will abandon criminal activities but Ludo’s will grow thanks to black market until it became an empire.

Ludo had two wives, the first one being a marriage of interest although she was technically his partner in crime. When she died, he ended up adopting her son from a previous marriage, Béranger. The boy was gifted.

Ludo remarried but was never pleased with his heir Viggo. Since all he and his mother really cared about was money and their easy life, Ludo gave them that satisfaction but secretly made sure that Béranger’s son, Theo, would become the next Golzine head. So what if they are not real Golzines in the first place? If you’ve got the brains, you are welcome to the clan. If not, you’re out. Theo… Theo will make his empire prosper.

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