Martha Rosencrantz

Insane, perceptive, good, adventurous, flirty
Martha has been part of the landscape for so long you would think her immortal. That quaint, overly made up little woman seemed as old as the hills but was as energetic as can be. She always insisted in being called ‘Mrs Rosencrantz’ (though no one did).

She teased Thomas Leneuf, helped Violette Blake out of her depression, made a deal with Theo Golzine and advised his son Nathaniel. Her house was overrun by ghosts and had to be exorcised, she explored so many tombs in Egypt that she befriended the mummies, she raised a servant from the dead to look after household tasks, she found the last werewolf… in short, she was a witch and her life would need a full book to be told.

She trained Pippa Crewe to be her successor.

Her only romantic interest ever was Hasan, the genie of the lamp.

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