Nathaniel Golzine

Workaholic, Genius, Great kisser, Disciplined, Brooding
Nathaniel is a complex man, struggling with his identity, the reality and his aspirations. He tends to be too controlled (in order to hide his sensitivity) and internalizes his conflicts and frustrations. The nature of his work has made him tough, sometimes to the point of ruthlessness. He sees his leading criminal activities as a duty he owes to society (better him than someone worse), and forces himself to wear a mask of indifference that is in complete contradiction with his actual beliefs.

Ivy would say that he is hard-maintenance.

His birth sealed his parents’ fate. Without him in the picture, Theo might have severed all ties with Ange for her own good.

His father’s expectations were made very clear: Nathaniel was to become the next head of the Golzine clan, and from a very early age, had to cram into his head as much knowledge as possible in as little time as was physically achievable. Then his father ordained that his son had neglected physical training (a comment that actually left Nathaniel with a complex as he is by nature not very muscular) and appointed his right-hand man Jeong Sen as a martial arts instructor. In the end, Sen became closer to a mentor and even a brother to Nathaniel.

Nathaniel wavers between rebellion against a destiny he does not like nor want, and the will to please and impress his father as the only way to connect with him. As a teen, he voluntarily endangered himself and tested the limits of his autonomy. When he runs into Risa and falls in love with her, he doesn’t tell her his real identity. Theo separates the two lovebirds himself, thereby building the first wall between him and his son. From that moment on, Risa will remain in Nathaniel’s mind an idealized picture of what life could have been.

Ivy became his redemption when he was exiled to Lucky Palms. She seems like his polar opposite but also wakes something in him he was not aware he possessed. She opens him up to new experiences, gives him more confidence in who he is, and teaches him how to let go. As their relationship develops, Nathaniel will realize just how much she means to him.

On the other side, his relationship with his father is a strained one. Theo is indeed perfectly unable to communicate with his son on the emotional level that Nathaniel desperately needs. The tension between them is so palpable that it becomes uncomfortable for the other members of the family.

Nathaniel is determined to provide his daughter Sam with the freedom and emotional support that he was denied. They used to live in perfect symbiosis, Sam worshipping her dad and Nathaniel showering her with affection. That is, until an event from the past resurfaced and ruined it all…

As he grows older (and even more visibly after Theo’s death), Nathaniel also became sterner and more imposing, unconsciously following his father’s footsteps.

His right-hand man is Seth Zay whom he trusts with his life. They have faced a lot together and throughout the years have built a tacit understanding of each other.

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4 thoughts on “Nathaniel Golzine

  1. And the second click goes to Nathaniel. I love the idea that he is following Theo’s footsteps, really the idea of things coming full circle and perhaps Nathaniel gaining perspective on his father. Though I sometimes wish Theo gained perspective on his son…

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