Nathaniel Golzine

“I have had a hard time coming to terms with my identity. I am naturally non-violent, but being heir to a crime family forced me to hide my true feelings and internalize frustrations. That is probably why I come out sometimes as impulsive or controlling. Duty is my driver, I came to see leading the mob as a responsibility: I believe that there is no society can exist without crime and considering what is out there, I’d rather be the bad guy pulling the strings. My wife Ivy would say that I’m a brainiac and that I spend too much time second-guessing myself. But then again, she also teases me for being old-fashioned and overly romantic.

Seth Zay is my second-in-command. I trust him with my life. Unlike most men, he speaks his mind and knows me well enough not to require direct orders from me.

Current Mayor Liang Wong is a significant improvement to the government. Instead of antagonizing the mob like his predecessor, he chose to acknowledge us without trying to outsmart us. He takes responsibility and I can only respect that.

I was subject to a pretty harsh education. I always get the feeling that I will never be good enough for my father. I simultaneously resent him and want so hard to impress him. All in all, I can’t help being hostile to him and I am therefore very keen on not reproducing the same pattern with my children.”

“My inner duality led me to have overlapping feelings for two very different women. As a teen, I fell for  sweet, reserved, doll-faced Risa, until my father broke us up. I never quite got over it. I met Ivy in Lucky Palms where I was exiled to take over the gambling business. Her father was one of our men, she knows our ways. With her, I was able to loosen up. Although it took a long time for us to find our equilibrium. Our relationship has not started conventionally. I am not proud of it, but I had twice an affair with Risa. When we finally talked it out, we found out that we were both looking for a ghost relationship. That is when I was able to reach closure. Unfortunately, by that time, the harm had been done… I just didn’t realize the outreach just yet.

Ivy keeps me sane, she accepts the whole of me. I proposed on an impulse and we got married on an impulse in Monte Vista. We agreed to take risks together, and despite my concerns for her security, I made her a capo.”

“Because Risa was in danger, I was heavily involved in a vampire vendetta in the course of which I probably would have died if not for my father. I wonder if he ever trusted me at all and now, I can’t ask him anymore.

Ivy gave me Sam, the heiress and the apple of my eye, then Laurie, the clever young hacker. My father didn’t like that Sam and I had what he called a ‘symbiotic relationship’, but I like to think that I gave my daughter more affection than he ever showed me in a lifetime. Symbiotic we may have been, but I had to shatter her whole world and she won’t give me any opportunity to restore her trust since then. Hurting her the way I did is to this day my biggest regret.”


4 thoughts on “Nathaniel Golzine

  1. And the second click goes to Nathaniel. I love the idea that he is following Theo’s footsteps, really the idea of things coming full circle and perhaps Nathaniel gaining perspective on his father. Though I sometimes wish Theo gained perspective on his son…

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