Noah Deville

Irresistible, Inappropriate, Ambitious, Can’t stand art, Born salesperson
Noah was born in a poor family, he grew up in the marshes near the landfill. He and his twin brother Josh were basically raised by their sister Stella, whom Noah looks up to as a mother. They both shared the same ambition to leave the marshes (although Stella had more intellectual goals while Noah had only money in mind).

Noah could have earned the ‘evil’ trait if not for Emily. He is oversexed, uses people like tools and can be aggressive. Emily rejecting him became a turning point in his life as his main goal became to pursue her. But Emily is hard to catch and getting her to trust him took him years. She brought out the best in him, her feelings for him a fragile balance that Noah has always been insecure about.

After working for an advertising agency (where he started an affair with his female boss Esther), he became a trader although he still works as a consultant for Esther. He is a shareholder to many of the Golzine businesses and despite their age gap, is particularly close to Sam.

He is very protective of his daughter Gloria, and is now divorced from Emily.

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